Our materials services provide the manufacturing, transportation, recycling and sale of asphalt and related products in Southern New Jersey.


Our heavy highway services provide road, highway and runway construction in Southern New Jersey.


The Kiely Family of Companies includes A.E. Stone Inc. and Winslow Hot Mix. A.E. Stone provides heavy highway services and they both provide materials services.

Services Provided:

Recycling Center

A.E. Stone, Inc. has been permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection as a Class “B” recycling facility since 1980, the first in Southern New Jersey to recycle asphalt. Recycled products such as recycled asphalt and concrete are available to customers at a considerably lower cost than virgin aggregates


Hot Mix Operations

A.E. Stone Inc. and Winslow Hot Mix LLC. provide NJ Department of Transportation approved hot mix asphalt, virgin aggregates and a variety of other materials throughout New Jersey.


Paving Services

A. E. Stone has paved numerous municipal, county and state roadways, as well as airport runways, school parking lots and bridges. Contracts include grading, milling, reclaiming and stabilization.


Public Weigh Scales

Our truck scales are available for truck weigh-ins during normal business hours.


Specialty Manufactured Sands

These products include sand and sand/organic mixes used primarily for the golf course industry. Drying and storage facilities are also available to produce specialty sands for both commercial and industrial applications.



A.E. Stone Inc.

Main Office

1435 Doughty Road

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

(609) 641-2781 Office

(609) 641-0374 Fax

A.E. Stone Inc.


1435 Doughty Road

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

(609) 641-5324 Plant Phone

Winslow Hot Mix, LLC.


784 Piney Hollow Road

Winslow Township, NJ 08037

(609) 561-5526 Plant Phone 

(609) 561-2540 Plant Fax

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