Partner with the Kiely Family of Companies to address

the upcoming Mega Rule requirements

The PHMSA Mega Rule’s applies to over 500,000 miles of pipeline throughout the country.


Kiely Pipeline Integrity has broken down the three main rules:

  • The Gas Transmission Rule requires operators to:

    • Reconfirm Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for previously untested pipelines constructed before 1970;

    • Perform periodic assessments of pipelines in populated areas not designated high consequence areas (HCAs);

    • Adopt new reporting and records retention standards

  • The Hazardous Liquid Rule requires operators to:

    • Increase inspection requirements to include pipelines affected by extreme weather or natural disaster events;

    • Perform integrity assessments every 10 years for onshore, pig-gable pipeline segments outside of HCAs;

    • Extend leak detection to all regulated, non-gathering liquid pipelines;

    • Have all pipelines in HCAs be pig-gable within 20 years

  • The Enhanced Emergency Order Procedures Rule increases PHMSA’s ability to issue emergency orders to address unsafe conditions or hazards that pose imminent threat to pipeline safety


As a stand-alone company within the Kiely Family of Companies, Kiely Pipeline Integrity is committed to delivering safe and reliable solutions to ensure the integrity and safety of your pipeline infrastructure networks. We are prepared to help your team navigate the new legislation to ensure your pipeline system is compliant. 

Our team consists of over 75+ construction crews, engineers, and in-house welders & inspectors. We maintain our own fleet of pressure test trailers, excavators, and other necessary construction equipment to manage your project from concept to completion.


Our services include:​

  • Manage Inline Inspection:

    • Prepare pipeline for ILI run, and launch, track, & receive pigs

  • Anomaly Inspection:

    • File permits, manage One-Call notifications, and ensure proper E&S controls are in place

    • Use in-house excavation equipment to safely excavate and expose anomaly

    • Utilize 3D scanners and manual pit gauges to measure corrosion and deformation

    • Use ASME B31 to calculate remaining pipe strength, MOP, MAOP, and burst pressures

    • Provide report outlining each anomaly and the necessary repairs based on regulations and our customer's requirements

  • Pipeline Remediation

    • OQ team members repair pipe with wrap or sleeves: ClockSpring BlackDiamond wrap, Type A Sleeves or Type B Sleeves using in-house welders

  • Restoration

    • Back-fill excavation and develop restoration plan based on local regulations and company’s best practices.

  • Pressure Testing

    • Provide stamped pressure test plan

    • Provide in-house mobile pressure test trailer equipped with all critical equipment including Deadweights, Digital Deadweights, Pressure Recorders, and Temperature Recorders.

To learn more about the services provided by Kiely Pipeline Integrity and how we can support your compliance needs, please contact us today.

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Director, Business Development

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