Join the Kiely Family of Companies
and build a career you can call your own.


The Kiely Family of Companies is looking for talented applicants to join our team. Whether you come equipped with years of experience in the underground utility field—or you’re ready to work hard and get there—we want to hear from you.

We routinely interview applicants for various field positions such as Laborer, Plastic Fuser, Welder, Operator and Foreman. To explore a career path with the Kiely Family of Companies, please click the following application link and select the location and state where you’d like to apply.


The Kiely Family of Companies is a growing and dynamic company actively seeking applications and resumes from exceptional candidates. Professional positions include—but are not limited to—Administrative, Technical, Supervisory, Managerial and Executive roles.

To pursue a rewarding career with the Kiely Family of Companies, please click the attached link to view the positions that are currently available.

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