Working at Kiely

Kiely serves a purpose much larger than any person, project, or entity. We refer to our employees as team members because together we empower, partner, and advance. Our team members are an elite group of behind-the-scenes professionals who embody Kiely’s core values.

Our Culture

Kiely equips, encourages, and connects its team members and companies to become community helpers: caring for people, sharing experiences, and valuing relationships with others. While being tireless toward our work, we remain tightly knit as a team. Across the Kiely Family of Companies, the word, “family,” unites us all.

The Kiely Code

The Kiely Code is the essence of our values and sets the ethical expectations for our team members. The Kiely Code begins with one big idea:

“Help others, and success will follow”

- John F. Kiely, Jr., Chairman

The Kiely Code is a reflection of the beliefs that formed and continue to drive the Kiely Family of Companies. By living the Kiely Code both at work and in their personal lives, our team members make our company more successful.

At KIELY, we ensure profitability & stakeholder value:
  • We empower team members
  • We partner with customers
  • We advance communities
  • We engage in growth
  • We act ethically