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Focused on creating more efficient wastewater treatment facilities throughout North America, Kiely Industrial Technologies assists customers with reducing their water and wastewater operating costs, improving the performance of their existing equipment, reducing the ecological impact of their facilities, and lowering their carbon footprints.

Expanding Water Resources

With experience in process water, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, sludge dewatering, energy and plant operations, Industrial Technology Engineering provides dedicated and focused wastewater industry experts that combine operations and research to bring unique and cost-saving solutions to customers.

Seeking to understand your operation, not just at the wastewater treatment facility, but also upstream, we minimize operating costs at the source of the residuals.

By combining operations and research, we find the balance of production demands and residuals creation to create value, improve sustainability, and help to maximize our customer's competitive position at every facility.

Specializing In

Kiely Industrial Technologies provides services that reduce the total cost of operations in water treatment plants, such as:

Oxygen Plant Turnaround Technical Support

Properly operating oxygen plants can save customers 5 - 15% energy operating costs. Knowing this, our licensed experts visit our customer's facilities to assist their plants in their turnaround planning, providing oversight of the process and practical operator training.

Unique goals are reached by improving operating efficiencies of the oxygen plant through training, quarterly preventative maintenance, and comparing customer practices to industry best practices.

Solids Optimization Surveys

Typically founded after an intensive two day onsite visit by our consulting team, experts at KIELY gather a complete understanding of our client's existing waste streams, their waste treatment process, and their solids handling systems.

Our industry experts investigate current processes and procedures and provide competitive analysis to identify cost effective solutions and gain an understanding of the solids impact on their waste treatment system, the associated waste solids processing, and disposal costs in comparison to industry best practices.

Polymer Optimization Studies

Most applications have not been optimized to deliver best results. Often by optimizing polymer feed systems, polymer makeup concentrations and polymer applications, KIELY can save our customers an average of 5 - 35% of their annual polymer expenditures.

Quarterly Prevantative Maintenance Services

As industry experts, we know that proper preventative maintenance will decrease our customer's down time, reduce operating costs, and improve dewatering results with a 1 - 5% increase in cake solids.

With KIELY's maintenance services, a 25 point inspection process is carried out on-site by our team members who inspect, align, adjust, and lubricate the critical operating parameters of our customer's dewatering equipment to ensure our customer's dewatering equipment is ready to operate at peak efficiency.

Consulting Services

Our knowledge of the chemistry and the proper application of the various chemicals used to solve your water and wastewater challenges is what separates us from the rest.Working one on one with our customers, we focus of reducing your water and wastewater operating costs while improving the performance of existing equipment.Additionally, we provide long term management and implementation plans for operations and developing conceptual solutions for treating and disposing of your biosolids, optimize biological and physical treatment systems, and develop and deliver customized training on proper operation of treatment facilities.Customers also benefit from:
  • Residuals Management
  • Contract Operations
  • Polymer Feed System Rentals
  • Polymer Application Optimization
  • Dredging and Dredge Rental
  • Facility Audits
  • Consulting
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Waste to Energy
  • Design-Build-Operate
  • Training