Green Energy

At the Kiely Family of Companies, we focus on providing exceptional and sustainable design-build services to propel our customers into the dynamic energy future.

Advocates for a healthy and thriving global environment, KIELY is committed to delivering projects designed to serve our communities and the planet. We are always here, working behind the scenes, to keep our communities safe, secure, and connected.

Carbon Accounting

Identifying our customer’s environmental impact and designing a plan for carbon neutrality, carbon calculations take a comprehensive look at all aspects of a business, measure current performance, and define appropriate targets to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.

Carbon Calculations from KIELY create a blueprint for customers to increase efficiency and decrease their impact to our planet.

Customized and scalable, step-by-step plans are created to reach customer’s carbon footprint goals within a time period that is meets all stakeholders’ expectations.

Fugitive Emissions Studies

Our Fugitive Emissions Solutions provide customers the ability to detect potential gas leaks from thousands of components in real-time, ensuring the health and safety of customers, their plants, and the environment.

We understand the strict and dynamic regulations in the oil and gas industry and are dedicated to ensuring our customers maintain compliance.

Proactively mitigating fugitive emissions not only protects your business, facilities, neighboring communities, and the environment, it also impacts human health and environmental safety risks by solving problems before they impact our environment.


Microgrids are localized electrical sources that deliver reliability and security for critical loads against external variables, including grid outages.

Our team provides energy master planning to create an operational roadmap for your new and existing plants, facilities, buildings, and other infrastructure. We evaluate various energy distributed generation and renewable energy supply options and aggregate the sources to meet your energy demand needs and optimize resiliency and cost.

Our team designs, installs, and commissions the desired distributed generation sources to make your microgrid a reality.

Renewable Natural Gas

Our Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Solutions utilize sound engineering design and experienced construction crews to harvest green biogas from landfills, livestock operations, wastewater treatment plants, and other sources of biogas.

From rebuilding an existing station to constructing a new one, partnering with KIELY provides our customers with a leading edge: our design and construction teams collaborate as a single entity to deliver optimized results, empowering us to fast-track your project from start to finish.

Electric Vehicle Services

With the demand for alternative fuel stations increasing as businesses and communities turn towards electric vehicles, KIELY provides design-build electric vehicle services utilizing existing or introducing new on-site power sources.

Our team of certified engineers and construction professionals collaborate as a single entity to deliver optimized electric vehicle projects for fleet operations and at commercial facilities such as offices, universities, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Hydrogen Services

Our Hydrogen Solutions utilize sound engineering design and experienced construction crews to develop your hydrogen transmission, distribution, storage, and consumption needs.

Whether green, blue, or grey hydrogen, our Hydrogen Solutions turn our customer’s visions into reality. Our strong safety culture will provide the quality assurance your hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage, and delivery is designed and built with a focus on the environment and safety of all stakeholders.

Pipeline Integrity Services

Kiely Pipeline Integrity is committed to delivering safe and reliable solutions to ensure the integrity and safety of your pipeline infrastructure networks.

Our licensed Professional Engineers and certified construction professionals provide full-service integrity services.

From permitting through restoration and pressure testing, our pipeline integrity services are designed to keep your assets, and our environment, safe from anomalies.

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Solar Power

With the ability to harness the power of the sun, the KIELY team transforms your available space into sustainable energy operation to power your industrial applications.

Providing technical and construction expertise for the evaluation, design, installation, and commissioning of commercial, industrial, and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, we create cost-effective designs for existing plants, stations, terminals, and commercial buildings, or an opportunity for customers to sell back to the grid.

Environmentally Committed

In business for seven decades, we plan to be here for many more. We commit to strategically aligning our offering and providing innovative, best-in-class services for our customers and the communities we serve now and into the future.