In order to maintain a tight hold on budgeted material expenses, we implement tried and true acquisition and inventory procedures. We capitalize on volume incentives, vendor relationships, and our knowledge of the current material market. In addition, our team streamlines and manages the purchasing process.

We deliver the following:

  • Reduced material costs
  • Ongoing multiple project purchasing power
  • Established in-house purchasing professionals
  • Improved project lead time
  • Expertise in material specifications
  • Asset recovery

K+T Materials

K+T Materials, part of the Kiely Family of Companies, brings only the best road repair materials to its customers, and is the exclusive retailer of UPM® High-Performance Cold Mix in Monmouth County.

UPM® High-Performance Cold Mix is a high-quality material option for permanent repairs to asphalt cracks and filling potholes year-round. Easily applied any time of the year, under any weather conditions, UPM® Cold Mix is soft, workable material that requires no mixing, heating, or heavy machinery. Achieve permanent results with just a shovel and tamping tool.