Kiely Pipeline Integrity

Kiely Pipeline Integrity is a turnkey provider of integrity services, new construction, asset modification, and operational support for the petroleum and natural gas industries. Our team members safely, efficiently, and cost effectively complete and provide operational support for pipeline projects throughout North America.

Ensuring Safety

As a standalone company within the Kiely Family of Companies, Kiely Pipeline Integrity is committed to delivering reliable solutions to ensure the integrity and safety of your pipeline infrastructure networks. Our licensed engineers and experienced construction teams work together to ensure projects are completed safely, on time, on budget, and on expectation.

Integrity management services protect against corrosion and fatigue, and provide the necessary maintenance, repairs, and oversight to maximize the longevity of your assets. Our highly qualified team of engineers possesses vast experience designing, coordinating, and implementing various operations and maintenance solutions.

Field Services

Our goal is to ensure the safety of the local community and environment by protecting against the unwanted release of transported products and potential risk of catastrophic failure. The Kiely Pipeline Integrity team is knowledgeable in all current regulatory requirements governing our customers and committed to providing accurate compliance statuses clearly and in a timely manner.

Integrity testing can be a costly and inefficient process that must be completed within a short period of time. We are prepared to provide insights on pipelines being examined to ensure service is uninterrupted or restored quickly.

We perform detailed analyses of pipeline systems, utilizing the most advanced technology and services to maintain integrity while efficiently managing cost. Through our advanced pipeline services, we provide our customers with tailored solutions to safeguard pipeline infrastructure.

Inline Tool Inspection

Kiely project engineers work with your team and any contracted resources involved to devise a cost-effective plan. We take responsibility for placing above-ground markers and directing the inline inspection process, including launching, tracking, and receiving pigs, and evaluating any recorded irregularities of the pipeline.

Pipeline Purging

Our engineers are able to calculate inert gas requirements to purge or inert your pipeline system and manage purge activities in the field, providing a qualified field services team for complete project oversight to launch, track, and receive the pigs. We respond to your unique requirements in order to deliver success for your company and your stakeholders.

Anomaly Investigation

Our team places One-Call notifications and ensures appropriate E&S control measures are in place prior to excavation. We use 3D scanners and manual pit gauges to measure corrosion and deformation, with ASME B31G reporting to calculate the remaining strength of the pipe and indicate MOP, MAOP, and burst pressure calculations for each anomaly.

For ease of review, all reporting is presented in a universal Microsoft Excel format.

Our engineers determine necessary repairs based on regulations and customer standards, while our OQ team remedies the pipeline, backfills the excavation and works with your team to develop a plan for restoration.

Fugitive Emissions

Our Fugitive Emissions Solutions utilize best-in-class and highly accurate optical gas imaging technology, with the ability to detect the smallest of hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks.

Our team of certified engineers provide monitoring plans, recordkeeping, and reporting to adhere to the fugitive emissions requirements. The Optical Gas Imaging technology our team utilizes is recognized as the Best System for Emissions Reduction (BSER) within “Quad Oa.”

By providing qualified engineers that are highly trained with our equipment and reporting systems, you can be confident that your company is executing your LDAR program in a safe, environmentally conscious, and cost effective manner.

Pressure Testing

Our licensed P.E.s provide a stamped pressure test plan, including the field services required to conduct a pressure test, while working with third party contractors to schedule any additional resources necessary. Our mobile pressure test trailers are equipped with all critical equipment necessary, including:
  • Deadweights
  • Digital Deadweights
  • Pressure Recorders
  • Temperature Recorders

Pipeline De-Pressurizing

Our team utilizes best-in-class technology to safely depressurize pipelines while recapturing the otherwise vented product. Our goal is to ensure the safety of the local community and environment by protecting against the unwanted release of transported products and potential risk of catastrophic failure. Our solutions are customized, portable, and intrinsically safe.

During the depressurization planning, KIELY will evaluate your pipeline network to determine the adjoining pipeline for the mobile gas transfer and size of recapture equipment to complete the depressurization in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Based on your specifications and application, our engineers calculate inert gas requirements to purge or inert your pipeline of the residual near atmospheric pressure gas remaining in the pipeline.