Kiely’s design services are comprehensive and innovative, with a focus on engineering for a better future. From conceptual and detailed design to value engineering, facility inspections, and owner’s engineering services, we approach industrial projects with a full-service, full-scope mindset backed by skilled and qualified professionals.

Our industrial capabilities include:

  • Steel & Foundation Design for Complex Structures Including Mat Foundation
  • Design, Piles, Piers, Caissons, etc.
  • Silos, Tanks & Supporting Structures
  • Crane Girders, Monorails, Hoists
  • Pipe Rack Steel & Foundations
  • Vibrating Equipment (Id Fan, Fd Fan, Mill Foundation)
  • Retrofitting Existing Facilities Including Platforms, Ladders, Stairs, etc.
  • Industrial Architectural Code Study & Details
  • High Pressure & Temperature Pipe Stress
  • Analysis & Pipe Support Design
  • Fatigue Analysis & Mitigation
  • Steel Stack Analysis & Design
  • Full Seismic & Wind Design for Non-Structural & Structural Components
  • Supports for Process Equipment & Piping
  • Modularizing Structural Components for Reduced Field Installation Costs
  • Site/Civil Work, Drainage Studies & Modular Systems
  • Structural Design & Full-Scale Production of Modular Systems Supporting Equipment, Including Separation/Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Tanks
  • Structural Analysis of Systems for Operating, Transportation & Lifting Conditions
  • Foundation Design for Modular Systems & Retrofit on Existing Foundations
  • Power Generation/Distribution Facilities
  • Structural Design of Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Support Elements Including Foundations
  • Substation & Distribution System Foundations & Structural Supports
  • Industrial & Process/Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Structural Design of Chemical Process Plants Support Structures & Foundations
  • Equipment Support Design & Seismic Qualification of Support Systems
  • Dynamic Analysis of Vibrating Equipment Foundations
  • Pipe Racks & Pipe Support Design