Over the past six decades, we’ve built the Kiely Family of Companies to focus on customer success and design-build capabilities. Kiely  performs full-service engineering, design, and project management services for our customers.

We perform work for publicly traded utility companies, energy companies, municipalities, and private entities, and employ over twelve hundred team members in multiple locations throughout the Northeast. As our customer, you can expect individual attention, reliable service, open lines of communication, cost-effective solutions, and strict adherence to your project schedule.

Clients share their vision and challenges with us, and our team of professional engineers designs exceptional solutions, on time and on budget. We design structures to meet the needs of our communities and ensure their safety—today, tomorrow and far into the future.
That’s our purpose and our promise.




Our engineering team has perfected cost-effective project management that exceeds expectations of quality, schedule, and budget.


Effective project management is the foundation to providing unparalleled service and a positive experience, so we take the time to understand each customer’s company and project specifications prior to the start of every project. By listening to our customer’s specific needs and requirements, we focus on the individuality of the project, creating a unique solution rather than utilizing a “cookie-cutter” approach.


We stay focused on the goals of a project to prevent scope creep and other derailing issues that can threaten a project’s success, and use advanced project management software to provide detailed reporting during all phases of the project life cycle. By concentrating on the total success of the project, we ensure that our unique approach encompasses complete oversight at all stages, from pre-project planning to project close-out services.




The Kiely Family of Companies' engineering team provides clients with a unified business approach and a single point of contact for unparalleled accountability.

Design-build is the future of major construction projects because it offers unmatched accountability, economy and efficiency. The Kiely Family of Companies is comprised of multiple stand-alone companies that, when paired together, offer an exceptional design-build enterprise. As a key part of this innovative company structure, our design services integrate seamlessly with our construction services to deliver a wealth of customer benefits.

When you enlist our design-build services, design and construction teams collaborate as a single entity to deliver turnkey projects that are optimized for cost and quality. Timelines and tasks overlap, empowering us to fast-track your project from end to end. And our innovative organizational structure empowers us to take full responsibility for your project’s success, strategizing together as one well-orchestrated team where open, honest communication is expected at every stage, and every team member cares about the total success of the project. 



Our design services cover conceptual and detailed design, value engineering, inspection of existing facilities and Owner’s engineering services. Our services include:


Design of Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete, Wood

and Masonry

Complex Structural Analysis and Dynamic Analysis

Using State-of-the-Art  Finite Element Analysis Software

In-House Drafting, Digital Conversion of Historical

Drawings and 3D Modeling


Commercial Structures

Complex Industrial Structures

Modular Structures


3D Modeling


Our projects range from multi-million dollar installations to simple inspections and modifications. We approach each job as a fresh opportunity to create solutions that encompass uncompromising quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients, and our engineering services incorporate our customer’s specific design and budgetary goals at project conception.





We stress the importance of listening to our customer’s ideas and understanding objectives for each project. To meet our customer’s goals, our engineering and design team members maintain up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements, keeping customers involved
throughout the preliminary engineering and design process.

Feasibility considerations provide an evaluation of the proposed project requirements and create a successful path to project completion. Our team completes feasibility studies with each detailed engineering project, and clearly defines land acquisition, permitting, materials, environmental resources, and construction costs, giving our customers important information they need to make key decisions.

Highly qualified in-house teams provide the support needed for virtually all engineering design and factors. Working as a representative of our customer’s company, we maintain relationships with all stakeholders involved in the project’s success: from the community, to consultants and government agencies, it’s our priority to maintain our customer’s reputation.


Our detailed engineering and project management capabilities include:

Materials Procurement

Desktop & Field Studies

Environmental Compliance

ROW Acquisition

We understand that our customers are under a great amount of pressure from regulatory agencies to ensure the quality of pipeline networks. We also know integrity testing can be a costly and inefficient process that must be completed quickly to ensure service is restored in a short period of time. In addition to our project management and engineering services, KIELY provides exceptional and unique value-added services designed to safeguard our customer’s assets.

Our team members have hands-on experience with risk and integrity assessment, smart tool analysis, anomaly management discovery and repair. With services such as pigging and 3D Scanning of pipeline systems, we provide detailed reporting using the most advanced technology that identifies anomalies, maintaining integrity while efficiently managing cost.



We focus on processes that streamline agency approvals and ensure high-quality bid/construction packages. Our use of coordinating capabilities during each phase of the project ensures our customers can concentrate on their priorities.

Our customers see us as a partner: available, responsive, honest and competent. We commit to designing and building projects that deliver success to our customers and their stakeholders.

We develop your individualized water resources design and define budgetary goals at project conception. Considerations include land
acquisition, permitting, materials, environmental factors and construction costs.

Our comprehensive communications detail your project’s requirements and costs, providing the information you need to make key decisions. We performs feasibility studies to provide an evaluation of the proposed project requirements based on preliminary and raw data. Our team then utilizes that information to lay the groundwork for project completion. 

Potable Water Services 

• Water treatment Plant Design-Build

• Water Distribution/Transmission Design-Build

• Elevated Water Storage, Storage Reservoir

& Standpipe Design

• Water Booster Pup Station Design-Build 

• Chemical Feed Station Design-Build 

Wastewater Services

• Collection System Design-Build

• Pump Station Design-Build 

• Odor Control Systems 

Procurement & Implementation Plan

External Factors Analysis 

Inventory Management

Required Permitting & Submittal 

Construction Management

Surveying & GIS Mapping

Alternative Analysis 

• Strategic Objectives

• Available Budget

• Define Project Scope


Financial Assessment

• Cost Model

• Prevent "Scope Creep"


 Project Management Plan

• Inspection 

• Start-up/Commissioning

• Turn-over Package 


Multi-Story Mixed-Use Buildings

Institutional Buildings

Warehouses, Gas Stations, Strip Malls, etc.

Data Centers- Servers, Antenna, Generator and

Battery Installations

Steel Framed Buildings- Braced Frames, Moment Frames,

Composite Beams & Slabs, Steel Joists

Concrete Framed Buildings- Flat Slabs, Framed Beam

Structures, and Shear Walls

Foundation Design and Modifications- Mats, Cassions,

Piles and Pier

Wood, Block and Light Gauge Steel Framing

Structural Reinforcement of Existing Buildings

Building Inspections and Evaluations

Existing Steel Joists/Truss Retrofits

Manholes and Underground Tanks

Front Entry Structure such as Canopies, Arches,

Digital Display Boards, etc.

Retaining Walls- Concrete, Block, Allan Block, Retrofitting

Shoring (Sheet Piles, H-Piles, etc.)

Aluminum Structures

Specifications and Cost Estimates



Steel and Foundation Design for Complex Industrial

Structures Including Mat Foundation Design, Piles,

Piers,Cassions, etc.

Silos, Tanks and Supporting Structures

Value Engineering

Crane Girders, Monorails, Hoists

Pipe Rack Steel and Foundations • Vibrating Equipment

(Id Fan, Fd Fan, Mill Foundation)

Retrofit Existing Facilities Including Platforms, Ladders,

Stairs, etc.

Industrial Architectural Code Study & Details

High Pressure and Temperature Pipe Stress Analysis and

Pipe Support Design

Fatigue Analysis & Mitigation

Steel Stack Analysis and Design

Full Seismic and Wind Design for NonStructural and

Structural Components

Supports for Process Equipment and Piping

Modularizing Structural Components for Reduced Field

Installation Costs

Site/Civil Work, Drainage Studies


High-Rise Design

Parking Structure Design

Foundation Design and Modifications

Concrete Framed Buildings

Steel Framed Buildings

Modular Systems

• Structural Design of Full Scale Production Modular

Systems Supporting All Equipment Including Separation/Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Tanks

• Structural Analysis of Systems for Operating,

Transportation and Lifting Conditions

• Foundation Design for Modular Systems  and Retrofit

on Existing Foundation


Power Generation/Distribution Facilities 

• Structural Design of Air Pollution Control Equipment

Support Elements Including Foundations

• Substation and Distribution System Foundations

and Structural Supports


Industrial & Process/Pharmaceutical Facilities 

• Structural Design of Support Structures and

Foundations for Chemical Process Plants

• Equipment Support Design and Seismic Qualification

of Support Systems

• Dynamic Analysis of Vibrating Equipment Foundations

• Piperacks and Pipe Support Design

Inspections and Evaluations

ADA Compliant

Sustainable Design Compliant

Specialty Design






Thyssen Krupp Industrial Solutions

Heavy Industrial Capabilities

An Unusual, Complex, and Time-Sensitive Project.



Koch Modular Process Systems

Shaping the Future of Construction

As Innovators, We Push Modular Design and Prefabrication to Prominence.



Green Property, LLC

A Mixed-Use Project in New Jersey

Foundational Challenges and Flat Slab Expertise.



The Kiely Family of Companies provides knowledgeable team members, a supportive culture, and a project approach tailored to each customer's specifications. Our team members are en elite group of humble, behind-the-scenes professionals who others can depend on. We stand for service and leaving things better than how we found them.

Our dedicated team members are committed to: 

Enhancing our customer’s stakeholder value and exceeding

their expectations

Responding to each project’s unique requirements, rather than

employing a cookie-cutter approach

Performing reliable service with vision, innovation, integrity

and excellence

Embracing new technology to provide advanced solutions


Kiely engineers are innovative and highly trained in state-of-the-art technology. 

Our team members are experts in the use of: 

Steel: STAAD.Pro RAM Connections

Concrete: spMats, STAAD.Pro

Dynamic Analysis: STAAD.Pro SAP 2000

Pipe Stress: CAESAR II

2D Drafting/Designs: AutoCAD

3D Designs: Tekla, Bentley ProStructures

Remaining up to date on all required certifications,

licenses and qualifications

Being available, responsive, honest and competent 

Recognizing and promoting a high level of


Building, improving, and delivering creative solution

Equipment: PV Elite, ANSYS

Concrete Anchorage: Hilti Profis

Miscellaneous: EnerCalc, ENSOFT Group

3D Model Review: Navisworks, Tekla BIM Sight,

SketchUp and SketchUp 8 

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