Kiely Equipment provides effective and environmentally friendly wheel cleaning solutions from Wheelwash, a member of the Kiely Family of Companies. For decades, Wheelwash has been manufacturing and supplying equipment to prevent dirt and track-out from leaving facilities and polluting the roadways. With a vast number of truck wash systems in operation in the U.S. working in diverse sectors such as construction, mining, quarrying, brickworks, waste management, demolition, ports and more, Wheelwash prides itself on supplying a high-quality product for sale and rental with exceptional local customer service.

Beyond the Drive-Through Bath System

Since 1990, when Wheelwash patented the world’s first drive-through bath system, the company’s range of technically advanced wheel cleaning equipment has been significantly developed and extended to include a variety of high-performance spray wash systems and low maintenance dry ramp sets preventing dirt and debris leaving sites and polluting public roads. 

Quality and Durability

Wheelwash Limited is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, which ensures the consistent delivery of quality products and services to all customers. Wheelwash products are manufactured by skilled and trained fabricators using high quality steel with leading brand pumps and controls to prolong the life of each system.

Environmentally Friendly Systems

Products from the Wheelwash standard range are automatically operated, require low or no power and are supplied with water recycling tanks whenever water is required for operation. Many design features such as inverter drives have been incorporated to provide significant energy, water and operational cost savings. Wheelwash is also proud to supply Ecoclear, the most effective and eco-friendly wastewater treatment system available for use in wheel washing applications.